Volunteer opportunities

  • Councilman responsible to open Church before Service, and close up after Service and Fellowship activities are concluded. Duties delineated in Operating Policy for Duty Councilman.

  • An usher’s job is to ensure the service goes smoothly, and to take care of anything that needs attention in the sanctuary, foyer, restrooms, or building. 

    Who Can Serve:  Any communicant congregational member, male or female, may serve as an usher.  

  • Acolyte assists service by lighting altar candles before service and extinguishing them after service. 

    Who can Acolyte: any member of Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran (generally older Sunday School age children and Catechism age children).

  • The purpose of any ministry is to glorify God first and foremost. The altar guild seeks to do just that in preparing the worship area on service days and caring for the appointments.

  • Provide beautiful flowers to grace the Altar for Worship Services.

  • Audio Volunteer - builds the Music Script and plays selected Music for Worship Services, and controls the YouTube Live session during Service.  Open to anyone willing to learn, comfort with tech is very useful.

    Video Volunteer - Builds the Powerpoint Presentation for Worship Service and controls display of the Powerpoint during Worship Service. Technical skill is very Useful.

  • This Volunteer will mow the Church property, string trim, and perform other yard work as they see the need.  Open to ALL