Meet the pastor

Hello, my name is Josh Olson.  I am very thankful for the privilege of being the pastor of Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church.  I look forward to every opportunity I have to help others grow in their relationship to their Savior Jesus Christ.

I am very thankful for the wonderful family that you see here.  Rachel, my wife, is a graduate of Martin Luther College with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  We have been married since 2005.  Our sons Josiah (born in 2008), and Matthew (born in 2018) bring us joy and happiness each day.  I graduated from Martin Luther College in 2004 with an emphasis in religion and foreign languages (Latin, German, Greek and Hebrew).  I graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2010.  My ministry has taken me and my family to a few different places along the way.  I served as a vicar, or intern, at Peace Lutheran Church in Kokomo, IN in 2008-2009.  After graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, I served as a pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Otsego, MI from 2010-2015.  In 2015, I accepted the call to serve God's people at Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church in Lusby, MD and have enjoyed this exciting ministry each step of the way.

Each one of us in our lives, needs a place where we can feel God's presence and worship him.  We also need encouragement from others to grow in our relationship with God and to grow together with others.  At Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church we have found our peace and comfort for life in our Savior Jesus Christ.  And we have found joy in the Christian family that we are together.  We look forward to meeting you and celebrating the new life that we have in Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!

God's blessings to you all,

Pastor Josh Olson