Soccer Camp 2017

Our soccer camp is designed to improve the soccer skills of all the kids involved, whether they are beginners or already have some soccer experience. Our pastor loves the game of soccer and will be joined by college and high school players to build and improve the soccer skills of all.  Our camp is about more than soccer. The theme is "Soccer is my game... Jesus is my life!"  Pastor Olson will use the game of soccer to teach all the kids something so much more important than soccer- Jesus!  Each day the children will hear a Bible lesson about Jesus' love.  Besides improving your child's soccer skills with the help of a quality, caring coaching, your child will learn life lessons more important than soccer, meet friends, and make memories they'll cherish for a lifetime.

Thanks for Coming!

Thank you for the opportunity to coach your kids!  I enjoyed working with all the kids this year and using the game of soccer to teach them about their Savior from sin, Jesus Christ!

Soccer is my game...  Jesus is my life!!!

SAve the Date!

Our Second Annual Soccer Camp is scheduled for June 18-Jun 22nd 2018!

Registration will open up in April.